Apulian Cooking Class

Trulli il Castagno | Strada Noci 315/Bis Zona D, 74015 Martina Franca (TA)

Immerse yourself in the culinary tradition of Apulia with an authentic cooking class. Learn to prepare typical dishes like orecchiette pasta, focaccia, and veal chops, guided by experts such as Mamma Beatrice and Alessandro. With Puglia dei Trulli, you’ll embark on a unique experience: from gathering fresh ingredients in the garden to cooking in a traditional wood-fired oven. Each step is a journey into flavor and tradition. Reserve your cooking class in Locorotondo or Martina Franca now and become a true Apulian chef, savoring your creations in a convivial atmosphere.

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location_on Address
Trulli il Castagno | Strada Noci 315/Bis Zona D, 74015 Martina Franca (TA)
hourglass_top Duration of the tasting
5 hours
wine_bar Glasses served

5 Vigna il Castagno wines from native grapes

  • Pietra Viva IGP Valle d’Itria 100% Verdeca (white)
  • 1929 Moscato IGP Puglia 100% Moscato (white)
  • 1st July IGP Nero di Troia 100% Nero di Troia (rosé)
  • Terra Viva IGP Puglia 100% Nero di Troia (red)
  • 1929 Nero di Troia IGP Puglia 100% Nero di Troia (red)

Possible variations based on availability.

restaurant Courses served

Enjoy a dinner based on the dishes prepared in the cooking class:

  • 5 courses of typical appetizers with vegetables, cheeses, cold cuts, and seasonal products;
  • 1 first course of handmade orecchiette by participants;
  • 1 second course of veal chops prepared by participants;

Freshly made sugared almonds and homemade liqueurs such as limoncello and nocino.

Vegetarian options available upon request.

groups Participants
Minimum 2 people
child_care Children
list What to bring
Comfortable shoes; pets allowed.
translate Languages ​​in which expertise is available
local_parking Parking
Included parking on-site. Possibility of arranging dedicated transfers for the event starting from €15 per person.
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The 5-hour Apulian cooking class allows you to immerse yourself in authentic flavors of the region, accompanied by a selection of 5 wines including whites, rosés, and reds. During the course, you’ll prepare and savor typical dishes, with vegetarian options available upon request. The experience, at “Trulli il Castagno,” is designed for a minimum of two people, with on-site parking and a transfer option at €15. Comfortable attire is recommended; animals are welcome.

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The Puglian cooking class is one of the itineraries offered by Trulli and Puglia in the Itria Valley. It’s a unique and typical culinary and gastronomic experience to be enjoyed in Puglia.

With a duration of five hours in the afternoon, and available for groups of 2 to 20 people, this event will introduce you to the flavors and aromas of Puglian cuisine alongside the Spalluto family.

Mother Beatrice and her son Alessandro don’t just work behind the scenes in the kitchen of their agriturismo, Trulli, but they can also teach you the best Puglian recipes during your stay in Locorotondo or Martina Franca: the locations where the two grand accommodations in the shape of trulli await for your dream vacation in Puglia.

The experience takes place at Trulli Il Castagno, in a stone environment where you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on and prepare numerous traditional Puglian dishes together with the in-house chefs.

Each participant will receive the Spalluto family’s recipe book, which also includes the dishes prepared during the Puglian cooking class.

The phases of the Puglian cooking class proceed as follows:

  • Visit to the property’s garden to gather the vegetables needed for the day’s dishes.
  • Each guest will have their own workstation with a wooden cutting board, bowls, and utensils necessary for preparing doughs or foods.
  • The cooking of typical Puglian dishes will be done in view, alongside the chefs, using the traditional wood-fired oven, ensuring complete safety.

Among the typical dishes you might learn to cook during the Puglian cooking class are handmade focaccia dough, veal chops seasoned with cheese, parsley, garlic, and pepper, cooked in homemade tomato sauce.

The Puglian cooking class continues with the preparation of sugared almonds and homemade bread, orecchiette pasta, and various traditional Puglian pasta shapes.

For the Puglian cooking class, the wood-fired oven is mainly used.

The experience concludes with a dinner based on the dishes prepared during the cooking class, along with a platter of cold cuts, cheeses, and our own extra virgin olive oil. The dinner will be accompanied by our wines from Vigna Il Castagno.

Depending on the season, appetizers and typical products are offered, as well as vegetarian options. The menu of dishes to be prepared during the Puglian cooking class also varies according to the season and the local specialties.

The itineraries in the Itria Valley, including the culinary experience of learning to cook traditional dishes, offer an opportunity to socialize and enjoy a convivial and welcoming environment.

To make your journey more convenient, you can request a transfer service from the nearest stations or from the accommodation facility where you’re staying to comfortably reach Trulli Il Castagno.


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