Trulli Loco and Trulli il Castagno, the lodgings of our agritourism, are the fulcrum of a hospitality project born out of love for Apulia, for those who wish to spend their holidays amidst the trulli, in the heart of the suggestive Itria Valley.
The structures, born independently, are now part of the same project thanks to the marriage of Vincenzo Spalluto and Antonella Mandolla, the union of two families who have always lived in the Trulli Valley.

Trulli il Castagno was born from renovating the small farmhouse in the countryside between Alberobello and Martina Franca, built in the 19th century and inhabited by Mum Beatrice’s maternal grandparents until the 1970s. The renovation carried out by Dad Pietro since 2003 has given new life to the ancient stones.
Today, Giorgio Spalluto and his brothers Vincenzo and Alessandro carry on a hospitality project that links trulli, nature, traditional food and wine.
Antoniana, Giorgio’s wife, is a licensed tour guide and accompanies our guests in experiences that combine tradition, food and wine and healthy exercise.
Beatrice and Alessandro, are always ready to delight palates with typical Apulian dishes.

For generations, Trulli Loco has belonged to the Petrelli family of Locorotondo. Grandparents, sons, brothers and cousins have shared the joys and labours of this land, creating an unbreakable bond.
Today, the Petrelli property continues to be in our caring hands. Palma Petrelli, the village’s historical memory, looks after every corner of the property with extreme dedication. Her husband Angelo, a skilled carpenter, has made the old houses shine again, creating exquisite architectural details.

Antonella, the heir to the structure, takes care of the furnishing and management of the flats, paying attention to the most minor details to ensure a comfortable stay for everyone.
Vincenzo, her husband, personally manages relations with guests, loving his land and seeking to enhance it in the world.
Gennaro, Antonella’s brother, is always available to lend a hand with Fabio and Dario, the two new arrivals, born together with Trulli Loco, our home for everyone!

As the current owners, we proudly carry on the family tradition and, with passion and dedication, we strive every day to make our guests feel part of this authentic family.
Thus we have made our villages into places where you can enjoy a unique experience, spending your holiday in a trullo, among other trulli, immersed in the history and timeless atmosphere of our wonderful Apulia.

Our trulli holiday homes are authentic works of art, testimonies of our culture and tradition, an anachronistic refuge, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the enveloping scents of the Apulian countryside.
The strategic location allows you to enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside and easily explore the surrounding wonders. Trulli Loco is just 3 km from Locorotondo, Trulli il Castagno is between Alberobello and Martina Franca. Cisternino, Ostuni, Polignano and Monopoli are within easy reach, as are the ‘blue flag’ beaches of Fasano.

Here, passion for our beloved Puglia is mixed with love for the genuine food and wine we produce with dedication.

Those who decide to spend their holidays in our farmhouse can choose moments of absolute relaxation on the patio and by the pool, or immerse themselves in our culture and tradition, devoting themselves to activities that belong to our daily routine.
In this choice lies our values: to offer a place where hospitality, care, welcome and comfort are at the centre of everything.

We wanted to create a space where people meet and make connections in a multi-sensory holiday where they are captivated by human, gastronomic, cultural and sporting experiences.

Here, every moment is an emotion and we are ready to welcome you for a holiday in our trulli.