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Savor the true essence of Apulian cuisine right at your doorstep with our home delivered food truck. Alessandro, with his culinary mastery, will bring delights like panzerotti, focaccia, and other typical delicacies to your table. With Puglia dei Trulli, every bite becomes a journey into the authentic flavors of the region, prepared on the spot and served with passion. Whether you’re hosting a friends’ gathering, a romantic dinner, or a special event, our food truck will turn the occasion into an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Book now and indulge in unmistakable aromas and flavors.

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Delivered to Your Home
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Wines of your choice from the Vigna il Castagno selection.

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To be defined

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Minimum 2 people
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The home delivered food truck service offers you a selection of wines from Vigna il Castagno, with menu details to be defined according to your preferences. This unique experience is available for a minimum of two people. To best organize the event and customize the offer, we invite you to contact us directly.

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The food truck is now also an alternative solution to catering for events, parties and weddings: the food is freshly cooked and the service flexes perfectly to the needs of the context and the organiser.

These travelling gems bring a wide selection of local dishes to your doorstep, exactly where you want them.

And don’t let the word ‘fast’ fool you: food trucks offer fresh, high-quality, carefully finished dishes, prepared with love and skill by people who cherish the culinary traditions of their homeland. We know this for a fact since we ourselves have chosen to dedicate ourselves to this activity as well.

Alessandro, the youngest of our family, until recently a chef in ‘non-moving’ establishments, has decided to embark on this independent adventure, bringing his magic touch directly to your home. Each dish is a symphony of flavours, a culinary poem that enchants the senses.

The benefits? In our kitchen there are many:

  • taste;
  • authenticity;
  • customisation;
  • convenience;
  • speed;
  • convenience;
  • unique experience.

With passion and skill, Alessandro transforms traditional Apulian dishes into unique emotions with every bite: a kaleidoscope of taste and love, perfectly in line with the spirit of all our services.

You will delight your senses with hot panzerotti, irresistible PIZZE focaccias, TASTEOUS APERITIVI, FIRST COURSES, SECONDS and many other delicacies,

As always, we are at the service of our guests, so we listen to the different dietary requirements and are ready to customise THE MENU to suit your preferences and needs. We use only selected ingredients to create delicious and nutritious dishes, because your satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to offering you a unique gastronomic experience.

The possibility of enjoying our food truck dishes exactly where you want them makes them even more special. A romantic dinner on your terrace, a variety of flavours to nibble on and enjoy with friends in front of the sunset, or your favourite dish from the comfort of your sofa is a vice to indulge in every now and then.

Alessandro knows this, so he prepares each dish with the generous spirit of someone who is not only offering a tasty dish, but also a special moment.

Taste and experience: whether you are on holiday or would like to ORGANISE A PARTY GIVING YOUR GUESTS A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE of gastronomic pampering at YOUR home, our food truck offers you the opportunity to experience an unprecedented culinary feast, bringing the unmistakable aromas and flavours of this wonderful land directly to your table.

from an aperitif with friends in your home, to a romantic rendezvous in your favourite place, to a reception for your special day, or even at the end of your wedding celebration, WE WILL COCK YOU UP ON THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE WITH SPICY TASTES PREPARED IN OUR TRUCK

Whether you want to enjoy traditional dishes or discover new culinary delights, our food truck will make every bite an unforgettable moment. Get ready to delight in authentic flavours and enjoy the pleasure of tailor-made cuisine at home.


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